sync activate

Optimize Google, Facebook, instagram...

television is the most powerful medium for generating desire.


A TV advertisement or a TV show can produces tens of thousands of leads in a search for corresponding keywords in Google.

SYNC ACTIVATE is a fantastic solution which allows you to optimize your campaigns with these keywords through real time TV synchronization - not just with Google, but also with Facebook and other digital platforms.


In addition to TV ads and content acting as triggers, SYNC ACTIVATE can use other external events as triggers, such as the weather, pollution levels, real time data related to the stock market or your marketing plan...

- SYNC ACTIVATE recognizes the real time broadcast of any TV spot, a TV show... and/or events such as a particular weather situation, a spike in pollution, your geolocated promos, or your stock positions...


- SYNC ACTIVATE allows you to optimize your campaigns in real time based on a large number of parameters. ACTIVATE users (advertisers, agencies and any business partner) can briefly increase bids on AdWords campaigns during these specific peak traffic times to ensure that they gain all those clicks and reaches their SEA goals. ACTIVATE is a feature-rich synchronized ad management solution.

offered as a completely automated self-service solution, or as a white glove service, managed by the experts at SYNC – allowing the advertiser and agency to have as much detailed control as desired or needed.

A back office with powerful real-time campaign analysis.

An on demand reporting solution providing additional data signals not found in other systems.

A simple plug and play solution that requires no further technical or operational effort after the initial campaign parameter setup.