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Using its patented Fingerprint Matching Technology (FMT) innovation, SYNC  has the most widely deployed second-screen TV solution (NFL, ESPN, YAHOO, ENDEMOL, SONY...).


SYNC delivers a rich, powerful & unique second-screen enrichment solution available WITH a new generation advertising solution that does not rely on any personal data!


SYNC is the only available solution that perfectly synchronizes, in real time, the power of TV with mobile devices – enabling programmers to engage with viewers right in front of the TV.  The SYNC solution is fully customizable, according to your needs (target, objectives...). With SYNC technologies you can boost your audience using SYNC TV DMP, engage your users and monetize your second screen services with SYNC DISPLAY, and amplify your websites, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other digital campaigns using SYNC ACTIVATE.

How to start a SYNC campaign?

- We propose a turnkey activation plan to meet your goals. The deployment can be one time and autonomous, or global by channel or program.


- We create an interactive demo specifically designed for you. Or we work with you to integrate a field trial.


- We support your app team to integrate the SYNC SDK  At no time will SYNC impact your television signal or delivery system. There is not watermarking, or other operational impact.


- We deliver a platform that is very easy to use. After your teams are trained, they manage on their own SYNC platform to enrich your second screen contents and ads synchronized with your broadcasts.

Call us for an interactive demo, and let us tell you how you can reach and engage your TV audience on mobile with SYNC FMT.


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