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of viewers today take advantage of the advertising break to look at their mobile phones.

Using its patented Fingerprint Matching Technology (FMT) innovation, SYNC gives you access to a source of additional revenue. SYNC’s FMT is a unique solution which transforms the power and reach of TV (advertising and programming broadcasts) into new advertising inventory in the form of rich, engaging, interactive experiences synchronized with TV ads.  Thanks to SYNC’s FMT your mobile app can deliver a unique and original advertising unit that perfectly matches how viewers are interacting with their devices – with contextually relevant advertising.


SYNC’s advertising CTR and AVT results are well above market averages because we are delivering mobile ad experiences to viewers exactly during their most available moments. With SYNC DISPLAY, your mobile app offers users incremental and non-intrusive advertising due to its synchronized contextual targeting and ephemeral presentation.  There’s no operations or technical effort on your part.  SYNC’s FMT and cloud-based back-office operations takes care of everything.


Your mobile app downloads and updates are not impacted by SYNC’s SDK, and agreeing to the use of the microphone will only be requested after the 3rd time the app is opened. The solution also works on mobile websites and without a microphone.

How do I become a Sync partner?

- You share your goals and objectives (solution results, your targets, potential income...).


- We offer a technical integration plan for our SDK for apps or jsp scripts for your web sites.  Everything is managed by our tech and account support team, requiring no additional effort by your team. Integrations are fast – most app developers are up and running in just one day!


- We manage and optimize the campaigns that we sell.  Or, if desired, you can also market SYNC advertising to your clients. We do not require any ad unit space reservation within your user interface and there are no calls to your ad servers.  SYNC always brings premium advertiser campaigns and are always in line with your audience targets. You are kept informed of the campaigns to be delivered to your app platform, and have the ability to refuse them.

Call us for an interactive demo, and let us tell you how you can earn from SYNC DISPLAY advertising…


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