sync engage

The most deployed

synched publishing platform

SYNC ENGAGE provides broadcasters and media groups with the most widely used white label interactive companion screen solution. Our clients includes the world biggest media companies (Disney, Endemol, NBC, NFL, Yahoo, Sony…) . Our references include world class TV shows, sports events and also the latest trends such as mobile trivia (stand alone application including live video).

Thanks to our customizable BO, Channels, producers, operators and advertisers can rapidly deploy immersive interactive experiences to enrich their shows, sports or spots through mobile and PC.

SYNC2TV offers a complete toolkit of compelling features that engage with the show through audience participation (trivia, polls, vote…), social, exclusive contents enrichment, virtual competitions, gamification and more.

The solution uses the unique and patented SYNC FMT technology. FMT synchronizes, at 500ms, TV and digital to enrich TV with interactivity and content for every households at the exact right moment. With the same technical integration of the SDK (only 1 man day), you will also benefit of SYNC DISPLAY to monetize your second screen applications!