sync display

Rich & synchronized

interactive Advertising

73% of viewers look at a second screen during TV programs

80% do so during advertising breaks.

SYNC DISPLAY is a unique solution for this market. It displays rich advertising formats on mobile devices which are synchronized with the TV. This is a new advertising inventory for advertisers and agencies with incremental revenues for application providers.

• Rich:  SYNC DISPLAY allows for the display of very high quality, rich formats, without limiting size and interactivity, thanks to SYNC’s ability to manage a dynamic preloading system using mobile device memory. Finally, no more limits on creativity!

• Synchronized: SYNC’s Fingerprinting Matching Technology (FMT) is our unique and patented audio and video recognition system. FMT matches the what’s on TV with fingerprints on a mobile phone or tablet, creating a new, much more contextualized and effective advertising space.

With a match, it displays contextually useful information in real time - exactly in the moment. (ex: display of info about a specific car exactly at the same time the TV content or advertisement is being aired)

SYNC DISPLAY exceeds the goals of the GDPR regulation, carefully manages the Opt-in experience.

With a unique-to-market FULLY anonymized ad solution



• SYNC DISPLAY is always an opt-in experience;

And there is never any interference with new subscriber acquisition, or app updates:

 - opt-in query upon the third launch of a mobile app – never during the installation or update process.

 - clear pop-up dialog explaining the use of the mic.

 - opt-out users can continue using the app without interruption.

• SYNC DISPLAY is a unique anonymized synchronysing solution;

no personal data is used whatsoever.

• no IDFA, no cookies are captured or stored.

local fingerprint matching with content or advertising happens IN the device. NO sound whatsoever leaves the mobile device.  NO listening.

• SYNC DISPLAY can utilize a publisher’s ID scheme to enable DMP matching and data normalization.